"Young Person's Guide to Local Music is the ideal solution to an ongoing issue - equity in arts education. Music education matters."

- Steph Horne, JCPS Board Member

"I love to watch Jecorey teach. His energy fills the room and his innovation excites the mind.  No downtime allowed. Every minute counts. Not only do the kids learn about music, they experience it through listening, feeling, seeing, communicating, expressing, collaborating, inventing and in the end....smiling."

- Dr. Greg Byrne, Director of Percussion Studies, University of Louisville, Louisville Kentucky

"92nd Street Y strives to present culturally diverse works and artists and has been a leader in reaching out beyond its core constituency for over 100 years. Jecorey Arthur has built a successful career as a performing artist, educator, and innovator and has shown enormous ability and insight which lends itself to his growth and career development as a rapper, composer, and leader. He is a true talent, and a tremendous cultural addition to the fabric of each city he visits. I would be excited to see more artists like Mr. Arthur who are passionate in art making and excel in teaching our younger generation.  We deeply enjoyed presenting Jecorey Arthur and support his efforts in bringing his works to new and larger audiences. He is a tremendous asset to any community!"

- Mrs. Larisa Gelman, Director of Educational Outreach Center, 92nd Street Y, New York New York

"Jecorey Arthur shares his passion for music and uses it as a vehicle to positively impact and encourage our students to seek a path of peace, compassion, acceptance and unity so that they may make a difference in the lives of those they touch.

He helps students learn to read, play and create music, all in a way that leaves them unaware they are working, learning.  "He just lets us have fun and shows us things and by the end of the lesson, we've learned it without even knowing it." - 5th Grade Hite Student"

- Ms. Sheridan Barnett, Principal, Hite Elementary School, Louisville Kentucky

"Jecorey Arthur is an inspiring and supremely talented artist, producer and arts educator.  In my position as Head of Subject for the Arts and Festivals Management BA degree course at De Montfort University, Leicester, England I had the good fortune to work with Jecorey on an exciting exchange trip to Louisville Kentucky in summer 2016 with a number of our undergraduate students.  The visit entailed our students preparing several pitches to key arts organisations in the Louisville area.  The role Jecorey played in mentoring and coaching our students through the process of honing their creative ideas was astonishing and was the main reason that they were so successful in making their presentations to the various arts organisations they met.  His knowledge of what it takes to deliver an exciting arts project and his ability to communicate this effectively and with such generosity of spirit to our students was extremely impressive, stemming from his own multidisciplinary creative skills and experience.   That combination of artistic talent and ability to manage and execute a large scale arts project is very rare and I cannot recommend him highly enough."
- Professor Tony Graves, Head of Subject and Principal Lecturer for Arts and Festivals Management, Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities, De Montfort University, Leicester United Kingdom